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I think it’s kind of silly, I am sitting at my desk at work, not doing anything for about 7 out of my 8 hour shift…

I’m sitting here and I stare up through a skylight and I feel like painting, drawing, going outside… But as soon as my shift ends, I know all the creative ideas and motivations I have now will be gone. By the time I get home I’ll just feel like sitting in front of my computer and play some games…

Why is it that I feel creative and motivated when I cannot act on it? And why is it that whenever I am free to do so, I feel like being a lazy bum?

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I remember back in 2004, I was 14 years old and I bought the album Disclaimer II by Seether, the first album I ever bought with my pocket money and I loved it. Since, I’ve bought every one of their albums and still, I care for that band I liked over 10 years ago…

Today, they announced they’re coming to Montréal’s Club Soda in October, and I FINALLY got tickets to see them live… 10 years later!

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